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Absolute Dry In New Outfit

Finally the fall is here, with warming knitted sweaters, new boots and smart jackets. Just in time for the fall fashion, Absolute Dry arrives in a new pack design.

– The new design is more contemporary and more exclusive. It ties together the product with the message and conveys function. The design is elegant and cosmetic, yet simple and informative. The new design expresses the straightforwardness of the product, says Anders Gunér the graphic designer.

SheSocial Marketing, the agency behind recent campaigns as well as the advertising platform, has also been part of the process and the key marketing message ”BE 100% YOU” is now part of the packaging text.

There was also a strong desire for the packaging to work well internationally.

– Absolute Dry is currently exported to a number of countries across the globe and something that is always requested is for the Swedish origin to be clearly communicated on the pack, says Cecilia Övergaard, International Brand Manager for Absolute Dry.