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Cleanmarine is an Irish brand, with a wide range of food supplements based on omega-3 from krill oil. In addition to the many benefits linked to omega-3 and the fatty acids DHA and EPA, the products have also been optimized towards specific needs and target groups, with the addition of carefully selected ingredients.

Krill Oil is rich in phospholipids, a potent form of Omega-3. Since it is the same form found in our body it does not need to be converted before being absorbed by the body. This means it is really easy for the body to absorb so you need less of it! And best of all for anyone who has suffered through fish oil burps, there is no fishy repeat.

The Cleanmarine products now being launched in Sweden, on the website www.minamed.se, offer natural, unique and broad symptom relief for women suffering from PMS or menopause problems.

Cleanmarine® For Women – Designed to Manage the Symptoms of PMS

Cleanmarine For Women

PMS stands for premenstrual syndrome, it is the name given to the combination of symptoms that many women suffer from a week or so before their period.

The list of PMS symptoms is long and the intensity varies among women. In cases of severe and even debilitating PMS symptoms there is even a separate diagnosis: PMDD or premenstrual dysphoric disorder. In the case of PMDD women might suffer severe depression symptoms, irritability, and tension before menstruation.

Cleanmarine For Women can help reduce the physical and psychological symptoms of PMS and PMDD, thanks to its unique formulation of krill oil, added vitamins and phytonutrients. Cleanmarine For Women reduces PMS/PMDD symptoms by for instance:

  • Regulating hormonal activity
  • Reducing tiredness and fatigue
  • Maintaining normal, healthy skin
  • Maintaining normal immune system

Cleanmarine MenoMin – Designed to Manage the Symptoms of Menopause

Cleanmarine MenoMin

The menopause is quite simply your body’s way of winding down your fertility. The female body undergoes several hormonal changes which are responsible for the emotional and physical symptoms that are likely to occur.

Some of the most common symptoms of menopause are hot flushes and night sweats, vaginal dryness and low libido, mood swings as well as fatigue. Cleanmarine MenoMin reduces the menopause symptoms by for instance:

  • Regulating hormonal activity
  • Reducing tiredness and fatigue
  • Maintaining normal, healthy mucus membranes
  • Maintaining normal, healthy bone