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MedMade BSS Strawberry

MedMade Bariatric Surgery Supplements is a multivitamin and mineral tablet for those who have undergone obesity surgery, developed by Impolin AB. There is now a flavoured line extension of the original product.

The MedMade tablets can be swallowed whole or be dissolved in water before consumption. For those who prefer to dissolve and drink the tablets, there is now a tasty version with strawberry flavour: MedMade Bariatric Surgery Supplements Strawberry.

The product is classified as FSMP, i.e. Food For Special Medical Purposes.

After undergoing obesity surgery, like Gastric Bypass or Sleeve Gastrectomy, a daily vitamin and mineral supplementation is needed. The procedure impairs the nutritional updake and reduces the amount of stomach acid. Even regular eating and well blanced diet is not enough to meet the needs of the body.

MedMade follows the new Nordic recommendations for supplementation after obesity surgery and contains all the vitamins and minerals, in the recommended amounts and forms, that are needed after the procedure. The advantage is that you do not have to use several different preparations that are usually prescribed by doctors. Only this tailor-made product is needed to cover the increased nutritional need.

MedMade is available through www.modifast.se as well as via Apotea.se, Kronansapotek.se, Meds.se and Apohem.se.