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Modifast LCD Pasta Meals

The Modifasts range of full diet replacement products was just complemented by a completely new and unique format: pasta meals, with vegetables and mushrooms respectively.

There are already food like meal replacement products on the market, to replace single meals. However, the Modifast pastas also comply with the regulation and nutritional specification for full diet replacement products. As a result they can be used together with the existing Modifast LCD products, drinks, soups and puddings, as part of a strict diet where all normal food is replaced to induce safe and effective weight loss.

Of course the Modifast LCD pasta meals can also be used as meal replacement for single meals, to reduce weight or maintain an already achieved weight loss. They are suitable also as part of the reintroduction of normal food after a strict diet with LCD as well as serve as small meals some time after obesity surgery.