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Modifast.se With New Design

Now a completely new design and partly new structure for the website www.modifast.se is launched, with a modern look and more user-friendly structure.

The Modifast website is very rich in content. There is lots of information about weight, diet, exercise and of course regarding Modifast, but there is also a recipe bank with nutritionally balanced recipes and other inspiring content. Moreover, it is only on Modifast.se that the entire wide and complete range of Modifast’s Swedish products is available.

Furthermore, the website has its own section dedicated to healthcare professionals, with green-tinted color coding instead of the red that applies to the rest of the site. Summaries of clinical studies, materials for download and an e-learning regarding the use of diet and meal replacement products and Modifast, are examples of things availble for healthcare professionals free of charge.

Please visit the site and see if you like it as much as we do! You will find it here.