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New Delicious Pasta Bolognese!

The already wide range of Modifast LCDs just got bigger, with the addition of a delicious and satisfying pasta meal. This time it is a meat free version of Pasta Bolognese.

The range already includes a mushroom pasta as well as a spicy curry noodle soup, in additon to all the drinks, smooth soups, puddings and porridge.

Modifast LCD Pasta Bolognese is a full diet replacement product, classified as low calorie diet, LCD. It can be used as part of a strict Modifast LCD diets with any four sachets per day to temporarily replace all the regular food to lose weight. The nutrient density of the pasta, in combination with the limited volume, also makes it a perfect meal option for those who have undergone obesity surgery.

Modifast LCD Pasta Bolognese is currently only available via www.modifast.se, but generally the greater part of the Modifast range is also available through the pharmacy channel.