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New Fresh Modifast Drinks

The start of 2020, was a delicious one for Modifast, presenting the launch of two new Modifast LCD drink flavours, adding to the already very wide range. The new products are Modifast LCD Blueberry and Modifast LCD Exotic.

Both of the new products contain yoghurt flavour as well as small bits and pieces of berries and fruit. As a result, the taste is less sweet in most of the other drinks in the range, giving the consumer an even wider spectrum of flavours to choose from.

Just like the other Modifast LCD diet replacement products, the new products can be used to replace single meals or be used during a strict diet, replacing all normal food with four Modifast LCD meals per day.


Modifast LCD Blueberry and Modifast LCD Exotic are sold exclusively at www.modifast.se, but in general a big part of the Modifast range can also be found in the pharmacy channel.