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Improved Living, by Impolin AB!

Impolin AB is a distributor, owned by the Norwegian pharmaceutical company Navamedic. Impolin is working with carefully selected products beneficial to the health and wellbeing of consumers and patients. “Improved … Read more

Navamedic Acquires Impolin AB

In the beginning of May, 2022, it was announced that Navamedic is acquiring Impolin AB, which significantly strengthens Navamdic’s position in the market for obesity treatment in the Nordics. The … Read more

New brand site for MedMade

Until recently, information regarding MedMade was primarily available on Modifast.se, but now a dedicated brand site (MedMade.se) has been launched (in Swedish only so far). For those considering as well … Read more

Impolin resigns from Cleanmarine

Since 2017, Impolin has acted as the distributor for Cleanmarine For Women and Cleanmarine MenoMin in Sweden. The products have been sold via a dedicated e-trade as well as in … Read more

MedMade BSS Strawberry

MedMade Bariatric Surgery Supplements is a multivitamin and mineral tablet for those who have undergone obesity surgery, developed by Impolin AB. There is now a flavoured line extension of the … Read more

Extra Effective Roll-On Formula

Absolut Torr/Absolute Dry is a classic antiperpirant on the pharmacy shelf in Sweden and the obvious choice for anyone looking for an extra effective antiperspirantär against sweaty armpits, hands, feet … Read more

New Fresh Modifast Drinks

The start of 2020, was a delicious one for Modifast, presenting the launch of two new Modifast LCD drink flavours, adding to the already very wide range. The new products … Read more

Modifast In New Pack Design

Shortly after the launch of the updated website design, Modifast is now rolling out a new pack design as well. The great taste comes across clearly, with appealing serving images. … Read more

Modifast.se With New Design

Now a completely new design and partly new structure for the website www.modifast.se is launched, with a modern look and more user-friendly structure. The Modifast website is very rich in content. There … Read more