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New brands

Impolin AB is always interested in new, brands and products. If you have a brand that falls within Impolin’s field of expertise, with health and wellbeing, please contact us for further discussions.

Established Distribution Channels

When working with products related to health and wellbeing, pharmacy is a very strong channel. It is a place where the consumer or patient can get advice and guidance, which is of course the reason behind the solid consumer trust placed in this channel.

With the high Internet penetration in the Nordic region and consumers well established habit of actively seeking information as well as shopping on the Internet, informative websites with e-trade is also a strong channel to use. It offers the possibility to develop more customized promotional activities and long term direct customer relationships. Facebook fan pages and activities within social and digital media can be used to drive sales as well as further strengthen the relationships.

Impolin AB is currently not engaging in actively outreaching telemarketing, but handles a call center with operators answering questions as well as administering incoming orders.