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Absolute Dry

Absolute Dry – Antiperspirant

Absolute Dry is a powerful antiperspirant that effectively prevents sweating on underarms, hands, feet, etc. for up to 7 days. Absolute Dry contains aluminium chloride in an alcohol base and prevents sweating at the site of application. The aluminium chloride forms a barrier in the outer part of the sweat gland which prevents the sweat from passing out on the skin. Aluminium chloride also has an inhibiting effect on bacteria which prevents bad smell.

Extra Effective And Long Lasting

Absolute Dry is recommended to anyone who wants an extra effective antiperspirant with a unique sustainable effect. Absolute Dry is also recommended to people suffering from excessive sweating, so called hyperhidrosis. Absolute Dry is free from perfumes, preservatives and dyes.

Absolute Dry is available in three versions; dab-on, wipes and roll-on*. The products have the same basic content and are effective for up to 7 days, in all types of sweating. Absolute Dry wipes is an antiperspirant in a new unique format, making it easier to treat for example hands and feet. A wipe is a hygienic and convenient format; easy to bring in a hand bag and perfect when traveling.

Absolute Dry is made in Sweden and has been sold in Swedish pharmacies since the 1980s. Brand owner and manufacturer is Impolin AB. Please visit the brand website for more information: www.absolutedry.com.

Absolute Dry – Distribution

Impolin acquired the brand Absolut Torr/Absolute Dry from MSD January 1st 2011. The products are primarily sold in the pharmacy channel, in for example Sweden, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kosovo and Macedonia.

Impolin’s philosophy, with regards to exporting Absolute Dry, is to establish long term partnerships in new and interesting markets. We are looking for partners with strong local presence and market expertise and we are interested in new contacts and new markets throughout the world. If you are a potential business partner, please contact us for further discussions.

*The roll-on is only available under the brand Absolut Torr.